Sandra Foster

Sandra Foster, toast of the nation, darling of the media—these superlatives are a tribute to Sandra’s poise, articulateness, modesty, charm and outstanding beauty which she displayed at the Miss World Contest and during her reign as Miss Jamaica World.  Caribbean Queen of Beauty, third runner up to Miss World, only Caribbean representative in the final five of the Miss World Contest, role model for Jamaican students, young ambassador—these are just a few of the distinctions which Sandra can be justifiably proud of having achieved as Miss Jamaica (World) 1991.

Of her reign, Sandra says, “I can only speak positively of the wonderful and enlightening experiences which I have had.  It would be very difficult to isolate a single special moment during my reign as there have been many, each of which has its own meaning to me.”  However, representing Jamaica in the Miss World Contest which was staged in three countries, London (England), Johannesburg (South Africa) and Atlanta, Georgia (USA), where the finals were held, was for her “an incredible responsibility…and above all a tremendous honour.”  She remembers that although “being with 78 of the most beautiful women in the world” held an aura of glamour, a powerful element of reality was introduced when she was exposed to ‘Operation Hunger,’ one of the social programmes for the destitute in South Africa, which is assisted by the Miss World Organization.

As Miss Jamaica World, Sandra was given an exciting itinerary, some of which was promotional work for the Jamaica Tourist Board.  She participated in fashion shows in London, Chicago, Toronto and Grand Cayman; joined other queens from Latin America at the Baranquilla carnival parade in Colombia; was Special guest of the Miss Jamaica (Toronto) Contest organizers during Jamaica Week celebrations and did promotional work in New York for Tower Records, one of the largest record stores in New York.  Sandra found the traveling especially enjoyable as “…exposed to different cultures and people, I learnt to appreciate my own heritage.  As a young ambassador for Jamaica, I got a unique opportunity to reflect on the strength of my own upbringing in such a diverse and multi-cultural society as Jamaica.”


At home, the schedule was equally demanding.  Sandra visited various schoolS, including St. Hugh’s High School, Kingston Technical High School, Campion College and St. Andrew High School where she received an opportunity to “contribute my time and effort into helping them to think constructively about their future.”  She was also guest speaker at the opening ceremony for Drug Awareness Week which was attended by a number of young people.  She regarded this role as “giving me, as a young woman, a chance to give back to other young people a little of what I have gained by being nurtured in our Jamaica society.”

An exciting and rewarding experience for her was the two week stint on the Tony Young Show where as co-host she interviewed local celebrities including Freddy McGregor and Ibo Cooper.  She was also guest speaker at the Kingston Rotary Club luncheon.  In addition, Sandra participated in numerous fashion shows, fashion shoots, advertisements, interviews, courtesy calls and attended many service club luncheons and other functions. For Sandra the year was not only an exciting one, but also a lucrative one, with record earnings.

Sandra’s parting message to all Jamaicans and the new Miss Jamaica World is this:

“The most wonderful aspect of my reign has been the love and support of the Jamaican people. It is incredible the strength that we Jamaicans have as individuals, and when we unite in support of our fellow citizens it is even more amazing. To all Jamaicans, I would like to say Thank You for embracing me as your queen for 1991 and as we open our hearts to our new queen, I wish for her all the wonderful experiences that I was fortunate enough to enjoy.”


Source: 1992 Miss Jamaica World souvenir Magazine                                                    







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