Chaka Laguerre

Name:  Chaka Laguerre, Contestant # 10
Sash:  OCS Electrical and Lighting
Age:  21; September 16, 1986 in New York, USA

Height: 5’ 6”  Stats: 34-24-36
Eye Colour: Brown

Hair Colour:   Black






  • Colour:  Green / Pink
  • Food:  Rice and Peas and Steamed Vegetables
  • Sport:  Track and Field
  • Singer:  Anita Baker
  • Actor:  Johnny Depp
  • Film:  Sweeney Todd

Lived in Jamaica:  No
Current Employer:  Amherst College
Last School:  Amherst College
Scholarships1:  B.A. Honors Degree in English and Theatre and Dance
Scholarships2:  Regents Honors Diploma
Scholarships3:  Advanced Placement Honors Diploma
Other Awards1:  Miss Jamaica US 2007
Performable Talent:  Dance
Special Training:  Dance and Drama


Dancing, Acting, Choreography, writing plays and poetry, Reading French and English literature and poetry, Running, Swimming, Stepping/Cheering, Community Service, Tutoring and Mentoring and Socializing.


Life Ambition:
My life ambition is to establish humanitarian organizations that encourage self-empowerment and leadership to children through arts and education; provide aid to those in need; and advocate building awareness of the epidemics that plague our world. Education and awareness are key. We need to be educated about our past to understand the present, and we need to be aware of ourselves as individuals in order to acknowledge ourselves as a culture. This requires us to engage with one another from a place of respect, sincerity and true compassion for each other as human beings working towards a harmonious and prosperous social world.


Five Year Plan:
In five years, I would like to have graduated from Law School, and be travelling the world as an ambassador for Jamaica and for women, advocating the ideals of my humanitarian organization. I would like to begin the creation of my own visual and performing arts school, as well as a mentoring and tutoring program. In sum, I hope to be in a place where I can begin developing this project from an idea into something concrete and beneficial.

Will Most Enjoy About The Pageant:
I think I will most enjoy the opportunity to meet, interact and develop relationships with other wonderful young women and more importantly the rich experiences that I will carry with me throughout life hereafter from meeting new and interesting people with whom I share a culture.


Most Want to Meet:
Bob Marley. This response seems typical but it is nonetheless true. What Bob Marley exemplifies is more than Jamaica, and more than the world. He epitomizes the very essence of what it means to be a human being, authentic, compassionate and profound. These are qualities that we should all strive for, qualities that I continue to seek.


Most Unusual Things Done:
The most unusual thing I have done is swim with dolphins. I love animals, so this is an experience I will cherish for the rest of my life. 

Proudest Life Moment:
The moment in my life that I am most proud of cannot be encapsulated into one moment.  It would have to be the merging of three moments this past year: seeing my parents’ faces at my college graduation this past May, the moment my mother hugged me after I acquired the title of Miss Jamaica US, and the moment I learnt that I received an honors degree for the completion of my undergraduate thesis. These were all moments in which hard work and determination enabled me to achieve a specific feat that I set out to accomplish, and moreover I was able to make my parents proud, which is a lifetime goal of mine.


All Countries travelled to: I have travelled to England, France and Spain.


Personal Statement:
Born in September, which seasonally is a month in fall, I have vowed to neglect that word and never to fall, never to diminish, digress, or fail. I am passionately dedicated to success whether it is to my own success, the success of my family and friends, or the success of Jamaican people. I am keen on helping others and helping others to help themselves. I am devoted to contributing to the progress of my country and radiance of my culture.


Though having lived most of my life in the United States, I consider myself profoundly Jamaican because it is all that I stand for. I abide by and live for the colours Black, Green and Gold and will advocate the implications of these colours for the rest of my life: strength, creativity, prosperity, hope, magnificence and beauty.


Since I was a child, I’ve proclaimed to every person that I meet “I am a proud Jamaican!” and have always done so with my head held high and a smile on my face. I continuously thank my creator for blessing me by making me a part of this extraordinary and affluent culture. And I want to instill these sentiments into the hearts and minds of others, especially Jamaican children around the world. It is important for them to embrace the rich culture that they are a part of, and to value it because it makes them special. Furthermore, it is significant for them to use the gifts that they have been blessed with both mentally and physically to make a better future for themselves and to become ambassadors for their country, even more to the world.


Jamaicans will continue to be ambassadors to the world, by being manifestations of success. I strive to be this, a part of the best that Jamaica has to offer, however, never forgetting humility. I am humble, young at heart, energetic, positive, passionate, inspirational and dedicated. This past year especially, having the title of Miss Jamaica US, has taught me to focus on these ideals as well as to hone my leadership skills, which I believe are the most valuable and empowering skills that anyone can possess.





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